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Sampler Haiku

...wicked crafty poetry to brighten your mood or something...

Sampler-Style Haiku for Me and You
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well howdy howdy! here's a little place to get your verse on! SamplerHaiku is a community for posting and commenting on haiku and other forms of poetry covering subject matter having to do with the Sampler, Crafts, Design, Writing, Zines, Home Recording, Artistic Endeavors, Running One's Own Business, the day's Sneak Peeks or pretty much anything Sampler-related.

Not every entry has to be a haiku, but every entry Must Be Written in some sort of VERSE! For reals! I trust that most Sampler people are creative people... I believe in you, baby. you can TOTALLY do this!

Please refrain from the use of potentially offensive/inflammatory subject matter or excessive foul language. I don't mind a little swearing or some double entendre. I curse like a sailor, myself, and my eyebrows are frequently arched in a suggestive way. However, some people might not take so kindly to it, and, you know, this is a community and all. So, yeah, please refrain from anything smacking or prejudice or just plain mean.

Okey dokey.... that's all I can think of right now.