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Sampler · Haiku

...wicked crafty poetry to brighten your mood or something...

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Choose which film to view
Red, green and blue dolphins are
Just the name of few

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somewhere there
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high high
Current Music:
Asad Rizvi
* * *
I like you, haiku
You're like my best friend
But, actually, not.

Not that you're not cool
It's that you're not a person.
"Best friends" are people.

Well, except for dogs
"Man's best friend" and all of that
Lassie, Rin Tin Tin

My dog's named Audrey
If you were really my friend,
You'd know that by now.


* * *
my aunt makes me mad!
she threw away the nano!!
cheer me up sampler!
* * *
haiku is so hard
brevity tortures me so
i don't like short things.
* * *
I've no work to do
here's me attempting haiku
haiku just for you

the sampler website
something new for me to do
look for me next month

Nora Lynne Designs
my brand new jewelry website
open to critique

Current Mood:
silly silly
* * *
* * *
Come on, mail lady!
Bring me my Sampler, today!
Pith helmets are rad.
* * *
oh, please do not die
this haiku community
needs a little love
* * *
been feeling so sick
my brain is eating itself
lobotomy, please?
Current Mood:
sick sick
* * *
this place is lonely
sad that no one posts in here
one time I ate peas

...they were gross.

* * *
I want to make stuff
but instead I have to work
wait. I'll write haiku.

writing some haiku
is kinda like working, right?
It's for the Sampler!

Kitties in this town
Want to have their bellies rubbed.
Strange friendly kitties.

I guess I should go.
The caravan will move on...
And the dogs will bark.

* * *
* * *