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Sampler · Haiku

...wicked crafty poetry to brighten your mood or something...

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I want more haiku's
Oh how they are fun to read
post more haiku's please!

My rat is asleep.
He's on my lap by my knee,
and I have to pee!

Current Mood:
cold cold
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Oops! I thought I joined
a couple of weeks ago...
Was only "watching".

Every month she says,
"Samples due the 20th."
She is so hardcore!

Forest Gump once said,
"Craft is as crafty does."
Run Sampler Home, run!

These are so random!
Not all flowing, like Marie's.
Go back to school, Kyle!

Current Mood:
silly silly
* * *
this is not working
I guess no one likes haiku
maybe it's just me

hello lynn the kysh
you've joined this community
will you write haiku?

you can write about
emotionally draining
work situations

or you can write how
getting drunk and playing games
is a lot of fun

maybe I will play
Simpsons' Operation now
"1 or more players...."

it's been a bad day
and it's only one o'clock
my car isn't fixed

new tires cost a lot
I really had no idea
but I need them. Damn.

t'other day ben said:
we have no business driving
on these bald old things

what I should have said
was probably something like:
baby, you're not bald

* * *
Not all my haiku
Have to do with the Sampler
I'm very complex
* * *